Media Placement & Buying


Aside from being Brazil's advertising agency with the highest specialization in tourism, Wolf Propaganda is complete.  Having direct contact with the leading travel providers, in addition to complete relationships with our adversiting vehicles, has elevated the agency to levels not possible earlier. When considering cost effectiveness, on average Wolf delivers a 25% lift in value add as a result of it's media buy. Co-op partnerships are easy to tap with only the most well respected Brazilian travel providers. Working with big data as all agencies do, Wolf not only takes this big data but also relies on real world activity consulting with the front line of tourism thus it is acquainted first hand on the trends for the travel consumer berfore being realized in large data sets. A traditional media buyer not possessing all these resources would be hard pressed to manage these kinds os strategies working as divided focus groups. To Wolf Propaganda, it's only doing business... 



82% of the brazilian consumers search online information before purchasing any travel product. We apply in our clients every experience we have in years of work with the main search engines. Also: web analytics, producing and managing content, social media, market digital behavior analysis - all in benefit of your brand.

Agency activity


  • Responsible for more than US$ 21 million in media value from January  2010 to August 2014.

  •  Media mix placements - TV, digital, magazine, newspaper, radio, out-of-home.

  •  Prints an average of over 1,5 million brochures per year.

  •  Includes a tourism data base of over  18,000 travel agents.

  •  Partners with an average of 45 trade and consumer media covering.

  •  Supports 16 brazilian tour operators in marketing and advertising initiatives.